Imagine first …

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Imagine if I went to bed by 11:30p at night and was up by 6:30a or earlier every morning.

Imagine if I paid myself first every morning and got a 1 and ½ hour workout in before leaving the house.

Imagine if I walked the dog for 30-40 minutes each morning.

Imagine if I did a Loch Raven hike 3-4 times per week.

Imagine if I did 3+ hours of cardio exercise every single day.

Imagine if I cut sugar and processed foods down to the bare minimum in favor of whole foods.

Imagine if one of my meals every day was a big salad.

Imagine if I did a neighborhood bike ride several times per week.

Imagine if my shoulder pain (impingement?) was completely alleviated with no pain whatsoever.

Imagine if I worked out with weights 3-4 times per week.

Imagine if I completely eliminated snacking between planned meals.

Imagine if I took a break during the work day and walked for 10-15 minutes around the Mill Centre.

Imagine if I drank water regularly throughout any typical day.

Imagine if I regularly worked around the yard.

Imagine if I weighed myself only on the same planned day of the week and no other.

Imagine if I worked a 25 minute StairMaster workout back into my daily cardio workouts.

Imagine if I mountain biked through Loch Raven trails several times per week.

Imagine if I ate 4-5 small, well balanced meals through the day including weekends.

Imagine if I completed the Merryman’s Loop!

Imagine if I started running again!

Where would I be in just 3 months6 monthsa year? What would I look like? How would I feel? What if was doing all of these things instead of the all the countless hours wasted on Xbox Live? Imagine if I had started doing all of these activities 6 months ago … I’m imagining kicking myself right now.

Imagine – that really is the starting point.


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2011 – The Year of Praxis

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I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions. I’m simply thinking of my goal for the coming year, not necessarily the new year, but merely the next 12 months as far as I’m concerned. It’s somewhat coincidental that I seem to be attempting to start a journey at the start of the new year, but in reality, it’s a journey that actually started for me years ago. Years.

That being said, I have really only one goal for the coming year. A very simple goal. Something I haven’t been able to accomplish for a very long timr now.

My goal is to master the art of praxis.

From The Body fat Solution by Tom Venuto:

One of the biggest reasons for failure is having a large gap between what you know and what you actually do. From the ancient Greek comes a word called praxis, which refers to the practice or doing what you already know. Having a solution in mind doesn’t guarantee results. Success comes when you put knowledge and understanding into action.

I couldn’t have put my main problem into better words until I read that passage from Tom’s book. I know and have known for a very long time what I need to do to achieve the results I am constantly thinking about. I simply don’t do what is necessary to accomplish the objectives that have been on my back burner for years. There are a multitude of things holding me back when I really think about it … near total lack of motivation, lack of discipline, bad habits, bad programming, etc. But for now, I have at least a small amount of comfort finding a simple label for all that is holding me back — failure to master praxis.

And for now … that is enough.

I have a very long road ahead. Very long indeed for two very compelling reasons:

1. I am, without any shadow of a doubt, in the absolute worst shape of my entire life, and

2. I am almost completely unmotivated to change.

But I am nonetheless up for a challenge, so here we go …


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Hello World 6XL World!

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I wrote the post below well over a year ago while on vacation in 2009. I think it’s an interesting post on its own merits, but I wanted to throw it in here for 2 additional reasons: first as a reminder of one in a long string of what I commonly refer to as fat summers and second as an indicator of how our minds work. If you read this post, I might sound as if I’m ready to strike out obesity across our great nation when in fact I, being of fat mind and fat body when I wrote this, was only destined to become of fatter mind and a much fatter body!

Here is my original Hello World post in its entirety … enjoy!

It’s very ironic to me that the very first post created for me automatically after installing my blogging software was titled ‘Hello World’. Having developed software all the way back to the days of my Apple 2e, complete with dual floppy drives, I have typed out the ‘hello world’ test message in more printf(), echo, alert() and response.write() statements than I care to count. Now for the first time ever, I was creating a ‘hello world’ message that was actually meaningful. But that reason alone wasn’t enough for me to keep this default, forgettable title for my first blog post ever.

And this is my very first blog post. The first post had to be special! I have important things to say. I’ve been thinking about my first post for over a week now. I’ve had something that I’ve wanted to share now for a very long time for reasons that will become clear as this blog progresses, but it was just recently that I realized that a weblog was the perfect medium for the information I plan to present. I know this might sound a little whacked, but I’ve had this idea for a long time now that I have the ability to change the world. And change it significantly. This blog is going to be my ground-zero, so the first post had to be meaningful. Really meaningful. ‘Hello World’ wasn’t going to cut it; that is, until I saw that sign.

Ocean City, Maryland is crowded and noisy and cheesy (I never knew about the cheesy part until my wife told me to clue-up the first time I brought her here thinking she’d be way impressed). But it also has sand and waves and the Boardwalk and Phillip’s Crabhouse and Thrashers fries. I came here as a kid, a teenager, and young adult and an older .. er .. more mature adult. And now I bring my kids here and am discovering things with them that I never experienced before like Jolly Roger’s Splash Mountain, which has become a family favorite the past few years.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day today, and even though we packed almost everything on Friday evening and vowed to get an early start and get to the beach before our usual 5 pm arrival time, we finally reached Coastal Highway at 6 pm. Some things in this world, I’m learning, are impervious to change. After unpacking and a little beach time, we decided to hit the boardwalk (or hit the boards in O.C. lingo). We parked the car and started in at 9th Street. We walked down past 1st Street toward the pier, checking out the latest T-shirt designs hanging outside several shops, passing one O.C. icon after another — the Lankford Hotel, the Ocean Gallery, the Kite Loft, Dumsers Diaryland, the Purple Moose … and then I looked up and saw it …

There it was in 2-ft. high letters. We’re now living in a 6XL world. That’s X-X-X-X-X-X-L. XXXXXXL. 6 X’s! Probably an unforeseen variation on the ‘hello world’ message originally presented by Kernighan and Ritche in ‘The C Programming Language’ in 1978 (or the K&R for any super-geeks out there), but obesity in America has come a long way in 30 years — Hello 6XL World!

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Hello World!

September 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Welcome to my mini-blogosphere! This isn’t just one blog but rather one in a series of closely related blogs that I like to collectively refer to as the FitBrain blogs. While each of the blogs in the series (see blog list below) has a very specific purpose, each blog is also an integral component of a larger body of work. But Instead of posting as my initial post an overview of what these blogs are all about, I will rather let my purpose and intent behind each of these blogs come out naturally over the next several posts. For now, let me just convey …

  • These blogs are about filtering out all of the noise, waking up and finally using the greatest power you will ever harness – the power of what you already know and have probably known for a long time.
  • These blogs are about turning the merely possible into the virtually guaranteed.
  • These blogs are about challenging (with a bullwhip!) the unspoken adage seemingly accepted by millions in this country as an inescapable fact – that getting older also means getting fatter.
  • These blogs are about coming back from the brink … and coming back big!
  • And finally, these blogs will center around a success story that has yet to happen … yet its outcome will ultimately be predetermined long in advance.

Through these blogs, it is my sincere intention to dramatically change my life for the better, as well as my sincere hope for the opportunity to touch the lives of others, possibly helping others through my example to predetermine their own success stories.

I want to end my initial post with one final point … possibly the most important point within this entire post, regarding my personal quest as well as my desire to help out others in the process – I am not motivated to do any of it!

Please check out the companion blogs in the FitBrain series:


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